/ Stará Turá / 2019
Our family history with Stará Turá goes back a long way. Through both peaceful and dark times, my parents and grandparents left a footprint on the cultural soil of this town. Regardless of the sculpture work though, there was something else which struck me. During the Second World War my family hid Jewish people from Nazi persecution. I've learned about this only recently and decided to dedicate this project to the memory of those who didn't get the same chance and got transported to concentration camps. For most of them, this was a one way ticket, a route leading to horrific death.

Especially in the light of what's happening nowadays, memory of holocaust mustn't slip from our minds. The further we go back on that track, the more likely something similarly horrendous might happen again.

This memorial depicts an act of derailing from such track, a discontinuation of an absurd concept of violence and injustice, and also a moment of commemoration. As the granite sleepers are misaligning from the rail, they are slowly changing into gravestones.
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